Monday, June 20, 2011

of father's day, randomness, and subaru..

anyways.. rupenya dah lama aku x update blog...

well here we go again eh...
its been a fortnight since i updated my blog...
thought tonite i don't feel really chatty or anything...

i was thinking i did vow at one point in this blog to stop b
eing all mushy and stuff right..
(well i'm working on that... trust me)
i was thinking of creating another blog for my randomness...
seriously.. i am totally random just i dont post that many random posts..

why do i say i am totally random?
coz there are lotsa topics that i have been itching to blog bout but never do..
so i promise to be a better author, blogger, writer,
photographer, student.. and oh yeah son too.. hahaha


seeeeeee.... this one also became a totally random
post... as random as this pic..

found this 'subaru' at cheras while lepaking with dad for some good old roti canai and teh tarik.. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


I don't think i can ever tell you..

I don't think you'd like it if i'd ever tell you...


I seriously wanna tell you...

I know the best is not to tell you..


I... Won't...