Saturday, January 22, 2011

new lappy.. is one week old..

i ended up buying a Sony Vaio Laptop from the E Series.. coz the alienware i wanted was apparently only 11.6 inch wide... and thats really small.. same price.. bigger lappy.. no regrets.. ^^

NOT EMO!! or in love in any way...

i am staring at this blank post as begin to fill it up with this words that u are reading as well as seeing. just an early warning. I AM NOT IN ANY WAY EMO WITH THIS POST THAT YOU WILL BEGIN TO READ.

no i am not.
okay, as people begin to read this and once they reach the end, they'd wonder, what the heck is wrong with me, am i emo? in love? just lost love? well frankly i just love writing and typing, well here goes.


there was this one saying from a movie i saw sometime back

it said that well many people talk of love, but only a few have seen or found it.

this actually got me thinking bout the whole approach by guys when it comes to girls.

u have those who play it cool... play the waiting game and they'd find their match...

there are those who have to work really hard to find it, and when they do its more challenging to keep the relationship going..

so this two, well lets just keep it at this two categories eh, this two categories got me thinking, which guy am i..

i felt like i have once waited and at the same time have been the one looking..

and i still have not found anyone..

this got me to question my motives.. my intentions..

i know it is good intentions..

but am i that so much missing love in my life from another person??

or am i just like ive posted before, am just looking for that other shoulder to lean on..

im not implying im just looking for a girl to share my troubles, but for me to share hers as well..

thus it made me wonder..

this didnt feel like love or anything..

it was like a mutual business agreement kinda thing....

which brings it down to this...

i feel that i have not known that feeling like some of my friends have..

u know the im in love kinda feel...

and i know i dont..

thats y sometimes i just keep on looking for it too much...

but i feel like maybe im just looking for companionship...

a simple relationship based on being friends..

only then seeing where it leads to...

i've made bad choices in life, and only through this choices i learnt from my mistakes...

but maybe i should turn it down a notch and think about what love is...

a relationship based on friendship is not weird..

it is still a beautiful thing...

friends will build trust and this will build other things...

as i feel...


not everyone will get that love feel right before you know the person...

friendship is where it all starts right??

Monday, January 17, 2011


ok.. i guess after buying a new laptop and all, my post should be about my new lappy right??.. wrong.. its about why??
why what you ask me??
well let me tell you the story of the WHY.

well, the story is about this girl that i know from FB and university, now dont go about thinking i've not met her, i practically see this girl every day..
actually this post is kinda few days old.. but ive been busy.. like seriously.. an EXPO and a dinner coming up.. events-events.. well thats off topic..
back to the main agenda..

well ok.
this girl, i think of her as a friend, she's my junior, and all.. i nice fella to work with, get along with..
ok i think ive been getting along with her well... not like super well or anything, but she's the type of friend that u can kacau.. ajak borak (well in a way, chat is talking... even if its fb chat)
ok so all in all, i think we get along well..
ok, sometimes i flirt around.. but boys will be boys right?? hormones.. darn it.. haha..
but i dont mind if she layan ke x.. coz im just fooling around.. u know normal stuff..
so this one day.. she posted something on fb,so i commented lah... well i didnt know if she was in a bad mood or what, but i guess i commented in a way that might have annoyed her i think.. but i felt well that was about it.. u know, i felt all was well after i finished the commenting session with her..

but then.

well i'll be lying if i say if she's ever on9 on chat that i x tergerak hati to tegur...
sometimes i do, but most of the time i dont..
ok back to the story, so that night like every other before it, i just wanted to tegur her lah.. which i did, so like usual, i send a message, she reply vice versa, even if it was sometime in between of every conversation bubble.

so then she like dissappeared lah, so i pun go around fbying.. until i felt tired and bout ready to sleep.. i just said a simple thing. good night.
and what came after shocked the shell of the turtle off me..
she just told me that, she dont like to chat, and she said sorry if she didnt reply n just said good night.
it was kinda cold, or call me Mr. Sensitive, i was super shocked, coz i felt we usually always chatted in a very good manner.. usually it was mcm chat with friends biasalah.. and usually no such coldness in there... a friend said, maybe it was that time of the month, or maybe she was just in an emo mode, but i was still seriously surprised. coz it left me wondering, what did i do.. im paranoid n sensitive, i dont like hurting people's feelings, so i thought it was maybe how i commented on her post at FB.. it just left me wondering... why?? i was kinda going through a tough period of time of my own, and this just left me to wonder more and more..

well let me just say this at the end of it all..
if i ever did something to upset u or something.. i am really sorry... really truly sorry...
but if u need anyone to talk to about anything, i dont mind listening to, i kinda prefer it rather than to be somewhat told off... but im just gonna smile and take full responsibility, it is my fault then. all in all, if i ever did you wrong, i am so sorry...

now it just seems wrong to look her in the eye anymore.. see ya around England.

Friday, January 7, 2011

number game frenzy...

It seems fun!! Inbox me ANY number between 1 and 5000 and I'll make my status your number and what I think about you. Fun thing is, only you and me know what your number is. Post this as your status.

this thing.. it looks simple rite.. just a simple sentence and words... yet it became such a frenzy in fb..
are we looking for other approval.. or wat they think of us..
or its just a fun game to play...

i seriously think its just a fun game to play...
coz its what people think of us..
and in a way it helps us be a better person no??

im just gonna ramble off a little..
thats jsut bout it i guess...


Monday, January 3, 2011

the blog is update and looks new.. resolutions!!!

its 2011 people...
welcome to the new year..
i guess this post is kinda few days late..
but better late rather than never eh..
i guess this bout the fun part of it...

well its a new year.. and in about 7 hours time i'll be having my first class of this semester..
its gonna be one heck of sem i guess..
we all make new year resolutions.. but seriously..
how many of us are able to keep or stay to it..
i guess thats how things are aint it..
but i hope this year is the year where i am able to keep to my resolutions..
love life aside.. (none anyways.. well as i know of lah..)
games a...... i cant bear saying games aside.. we would always play games wont we..
play hard study less or at least same hardness..
but i guess thats about it..
tonites ramblings are not that long..
just bout resolutions..
and we'll see if we accomplish it..
the main one is to improve my frickin results... all the best to that..
well i guess to studying...

anyways happy new year people...