Monday, May 9, 2011


hey there friends.. greetings from penang.
oh yep, i'm in Penang, but i'm already heading back to KL tomorrow..
well anyways.. oh again i forgot.. exams are over peeps!! enjoy ur hols..
okay back to business..

i was blogwalking few moments back...
and i saw this familiar painting from a movie,

yup this one above...
and it reminded me of my.. well one of my all-time favourite movies..
Notting Hill!!! which is a romantic comedy featuring julia roberts and hugh grant..

well fast synopsis eh..

'William "Will" Thacker (Hugh Grant) owns an independent bookshop in Notting Hill that specialises in travel writing. He has been coping with divorce after his wife left him for a man who looked exactly like Harrison Ford. He shares his house with an uninhibited Welsh eccentric named Spike (Rhys Ifans).

Thacker encounters Hollywood star actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) when she enters his shop to buy a book. Minutes later, the pair collide in the street, causing Will to spill his orange juice on both of them. He offers his house across the road for Anna to change. She accepts and, having changed, surprises Will with a kiss and starts their mutual attraction.'

haha.. ok2... that was a quote totally from wikipedia.. oh tqvm wikipedia!!! and this is just the short n sweet plot so u guys have to go get the movie lah...

alright this is the poster of the movie... haha.. i just have to put it in..

trust me it will tickle ur funny bone and also give u an interesting perspective on love...

especially a love from two different worlds...

ok now the mushy part that i am interested in... just need a shoutout from friends and visitors alike..

well... right now i am at a point in my life where i still have a crush which is really near to me.. in the sense she is near la... something like that.. ok so... let me just put it straightforward!!

if i consult any friends... the most common answer i get is that, if u like her, go tell her, especiall from girls, this would be their reaction..

my understanding is, if u tell a girl u like them, automatically the reaction is like u know, fight or flight reaction..

fight is where they will kinda accept and will slowly let us fight for this liking that we have for them and see if they will eventually have that feeling too..

flight is well.. like the name says.. the girls will be gone from ur life...

and from past experiences, most of the time, girls flight.

so i need an opinion here... should i just tell her and get over it or??

another bit is i dont get to see her that much.. so trying to find a chance to tell her is tough to come by..

and i know through the phone or any other thing is not good enough, face to face is the best...

aite2 i strayed off here already..

honest opinion guys!!

"Should I tell her??"

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