Saturday, April 9, 2011


yeah yeah i know..
i should be doing my assignments...
finishing it off will preparing nervously for my finals...
but it really has been difficult this semester..

however, i feel the difficulty has been raised to a higher level since i have not talked to you..
usually i'll be fine with this..
i mean life moves on..
but i realized..
that you are not just someone i broke off a friendship with..
you were a good friend...
its been difficult to see you around..
especially on facebook...

i do..
i really do wanna talk to you.. but..
its been difficult..
there are things said between us that i feel i cant take back..
it'll be weird..
but that feeling that i should swallow my pride and ego and just talk to you..
what say you guys?

moment of weakness.. haizz...

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