Monday, January 17, 2011


ok.. i guess after buying a new laptop and all, my post should be about my new lappy right??.. wrong.. its about why??
why what you ask me??
well let me tell you the story of the WHY.

well, the story is about this girl that i know from FB and university, now dont go about thinking i've not met her, i practically see this girl every day..
actually this post is kinda few days old.. but ive been busy.. like seriously.. an EXPO and a dinner coming up.. events-events.. well thats off topic..
back to the main agenda..

well ok.
this girl, i think of her as a friend, she's my junior, and all.. i nice fella to work with, get along with..
ok i think ive been getting along with her well... not like super well or anything, but she's the type of friend that u can kacau.. ajak borak (well in a way, chat is talking... even if its fb chat)
ok so all in all, i think we get along well..
ok, sometimes i flirt around.. but boys will be boys right?? hormones.. darn it.. haha..
but i dont mind if she layan ke x.. coz im just fooling around.. u know normal stuff..
so this one day.. she posted something on fb,so i commented lah... well i didnt know if she was in a bad mood or what, but i guess i commented in a way that might have annoyed her i think.. but i felt well that was about it.. u know, i felt all was well after i finished the commenting session with her..

but then.

well i'll be lying if i say if she's ever on9 on chat that i x tergerak hati to tegur...
sometimes i do, but most of the time i dont..
ok back to the story, so that night like every other before it, i just wanted to tegur her lah.. which i did, so like usual, i send a message, she reply vice versa, even if it was sometime in between of every conversation bubble.

so then she like dissappeared lah, so i pun go around fbying.. until i felt tired and bout ready to sleep.. i just said a simple thing. good night.
and what came after shocked the shell of the turtle off me..
she just told me that, she dont like to chat, and she said sorry if she didnt reply n just said good night.
it was kinda cold, or call me Mr. Sensitive, i was super shocked, coz i felt we usually always chatted in a very good manner.. usually it was mcm chat with friends biasalah.. and usually no such coldness in there... a friend said, maybe it was that time of the month, or maybe she was just in an emo mode, but i was still seriously surprised. coz it left me wondering, what did i do.. im paranoid n sensitive, i dont like hurting people's feelings, so i thought it was maybe how i commented on her post at FB.. it just left me wondering... why?? i was kinda going through a tough period of time of my own, and this just left me to wonder more and more..

well let me just say this at the end of it all..
if i ever did something to upset u or something.. i am really sorry... really truly sorry...
but if u need anyone to talk to about anything, i dont mind listening to, i kinda prefer it rather than to be somewhat told off... but im just gonna smile and take full responsibility, it is my fault then. all in all, if i ever did you wrong, i am so sorry...

now it just seems wrong to look her in the eye anymore.. see ya around England.