Monday, January 3, 2011

the blog is update and looks new.. resolutions!!!

its 2011 people...
welcome to the new year..
i guess this post is kinda few days late..
but better late rather than never eh..
i guess this bout the fun part of it...

well its a new year.. and in about 7 hours time i'll be having my first class of this semester..
its gonna be one heck of sem i guess..
we all make new year resolutions.. but seriously..
how many of us are able to keep or stay to it..
i guess thats how things are aint it..
but i hope this year is the year where i am able to keep to my resolutions..
love life aside.. (none anyways.. well as i know of lah..)
games a...... i cant bear saying games aside.. we would always play games wont we..
play hard study less or at least same hardness..
but i guess thats about it..
tonites ramblings are not that long..
just bout resolutions..
and we'll see if we accomplish it..
the main one is to improve my frickin results... all the best to that..
well i guess to studying...

anyways happy new year people...

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