Thursday, September 22, 2011


i did something bad... seriously... and am really trying to get over and forget... the only thing i can do is repent. n vow to never do it again.

this is like gonna be an emo post... coz im frickin emo...

its just so serabutttt... my head... my mind... my soul... wth is happening... i guess its my moment of weakness all over again... damn it farid. get over this. you r stronger than this.

i know i am... but it does not make me feel any better... instead... way worst... im just totally serabuted lah... i just want someone to talk to...

ive been taking and making the wrong decisions... make it worst, there is a matter of the heart... which is the heart is a fickle thing... but im... alas.... im just down lah.

Friday, July 22, 2011


heads up!!!!

another blog update coming your way!!!...

aha.. me blogging twice in a week.. that's rare.. i think... if i am feeling up to it, i'll make this a double post delight for my friends and anyone else reading this..

so first up.. what's up??


so what's up with the goal u ask me??

well.. this past week till today has been an awesome experience for me, as a fanatic football fan..

no doubt, i am a die-hard liverpool fan.. that liverbird has been stuck in my heart for 13 years... that is about since 1998...

but hey!! i am not here to talk about liverpool fc.. (well i am.. just a lil bit maybe... but that is somewhere down the (scrolling button) page of this post..)

so lets get straight on to business...

i am here to talk about the Malaysia Football team.. and its improvements over the past few years... or decades...


haha.. i think i did that to, now what was that term, to denounce myself from any misinterpretations or well other wrong stuff... (time to hit the dictionary...)

anyhows.. over the past week or so..

i have had the personal hands-on chance to see the Malaysian team in action, for the first time ever at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, as well as seeing the mighty Reds playing in Malaysia for the first time..

so it was my first both ways lah.. I mean three ways…

seeing Malaysia play..

seeing Liverpool play..

and going to Bukit Jalil..

okay back to business…

from my own personal experience..

I am actually proud to see the progress made by the Malaysian players, team, staff, FAM and everyone else involved..

I knew players like Safee Sali, Norshahrul Idlan, and Safiq Rahim were good..

But nothing like seeing them in the flesh and seeing what they can do, to back all that up..

(I know, norshahrul didn’t play against the Reds, and was wee bit disappointing against the gooners, but he is one heck of a dribbler that I really have lotsa respect for..)

Apart from that.. I believe, Malaysia has a good crop of players for the foreseeable future..

I say this because, the performance by the Olympic squad against Chelsea today backs it up..

That fellow in the heart of defence… Subramaniam.. but my friend say we should call him Supermaniam, he is fantastic lah..

I know, Chelsea fans would say Chelsea did not play all out, the heat had got to them.. and so much more..

I admit to all those factors..

Because obviously, a team like Chelsea who boasts players like torres, drogba and anelka, should not just got a fortunate draw against a young Malaysia team..

So I admit it..

I am not implying that this is a huge achievement for the Malaysian team..

However trust me people..

I do believe.. IT’S A START… J

And oh yeah..

The Liverpool part eh…

I was in Bukit Jalil last Saturday.. witnessing Liverpool’s 6-3 victory over the Malaysian squad..

Was thoroughly impressed by both teams..

For the reds, I was impressed by this fellow down here..

Alberto Aquilani..

Man of the match in my opinion… fantastic to have him back in Liverpool..

However the highlight of my day was to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone at Bukit Jalil National Stadium..

It gave my goosebumps.. and I was really proud to sing that song..

Can’t wait to sing it in Anfield in the future..

Fingers crossed eh..

You’ll Never Walk Alone..

Just a snapshot of the stadium on that day.. ^^

and oh yeah..

P.S.S.S. typing up whatever to be blogged of on word before copy and pasting it here, is really a bad idea.. wonder how all the other people do it.. haha...


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


okay... hello again bloggersphere...
(honestly... i have come to this conclusion that... i am not a blogger.. but just apparently a guy who happens to have a blog and uses it satisfy my need to talk crap and see the what ifs in life... kinda pathetic...)

anyhows... to the matter on hand..

so anyone know what am i going to talk about today?? anyone?? anyone??

well.. i actually find the topic today quite amusing, interesting and worth to blab about..
so here goes..
drumroll please...


the escape button..
in daily life...
it helps us to exit programs...
terminate programs..
well nearly everything as its name implies escaping from something...

and taking this into perspective...
the what ifs in life might actually be better off with an escape button..
you know.. make a wrong decision and escape... decision never made... just remembered...
lesson learned...

but if life were to be that simple than colors of the heart and life might just vanish...
no point going on about it right...

back to business...
a friend said something interesting a while back..
with his permission..
i shall recite it back...

"hey bro... sup?"
"nothing much.. same old same old...u?"
"well... i have a story for you man... you know... i kinda am liking this person.."
"interesting.. please carry on"
"darn it bro... i don't go all mushy like this... but darn it.. why is this happening??"
"well you know bro.. when cupid strikes.. he strikes deep.."
"yeah i know... darn it.. i wish i could just escape from this feeling..."

(to be noted.. all the odd number representing the conversation is friend.. and repliying is me..)

this friend of mine is actually the inspiration for this post..
he made me wonder...
why there are not escape buttons in life...
because we know..
us humans are not strong enough to face certain things..
take love for example.. (hey bro.. i just thought of this.. nothing is aimed towards you..)
if we just suddenly start to like someone.. and imagine.


if the escape button were present...
would we not press it..
and escape and be safe and comfortable in our own life...

that is why... the escape button is not available in life..
we need to make our own mistakes..
and learn from it..
there is no easy way out..
or escape buttons..
or escaping like the escape button in the picture is trying to do.. XD

we have to learn to love and live life..
make mistakes and grow...

anyways.. just one more picture at the end... to wrap it all up..

on a different note...

i was myself thinking of the what ifs in life..
the worst part is thinking of you..
darn it..

but a friend of mine left this as food for thought...
and it is a food my thought and mind is chewing and eating up...

here goes...

"gua pon...
takda la mcm..."aku nak sangat dia ni aku nak sangatssssss2 dia ni jadi awek aku!"
takde la.mmg gua takde ar gitu
gua kawan je dgn dia.
nak kenal personal traits,trend,graph, operating conditions dia camne.
dgn niat suci di hati..gua tak harapkan apa2 special antara kami berdua
tu semua kerja Tuhan."

gotta pardon my translations here... but here goes..

"me too..
i mean i don't like want her to be my girldfriend or anything..
you know me.. i'm not like that bro...
i just want to be friends with her...
to know her personal traits, style, how she works..
with good intention in my heart.. i expect nothing to happen between the two of us...
that is all in God's hands.."

(its better than if i were to use google translate.. i dare someone.. try... and let me know)

i'm kinda surprised this came out from this friend of mine..
this have been a thought of mine for very long...
but he reminded me of it...
and i guess..
its all in God's hands...

Monday, June 20, 2011

of father's day, randomness, and subaru..

anyways.. rupenya dah lama aku x update blog...

well here we go again eh...
its been a fortnight since i updated my blog...
thought tonite i don't feel really chatty or anything...

i was thinking i did vow at one point in this blog to stop b
eing all mushy and stuff right..
(well i'm working on that... trust me)
i was thinking of creating another blog for my randomness...
seriously.. i am totally random just i dont post that many random posts..

why do i say i am totally random?
coz there are lotsa topics that i have been itching to blog bout but never do..
so i promise to be a better author, blogger, writer,
photographer, student.. and oh yeah son too.. hahaha


seeeeeee.... this one also became a totally random
post... as random as this pic..

found this 'subaru' at cheras while lepaking with dad for some good old roti canai and teh tarik.. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


I don't think i can ever tell you..

I don't think you'd like it if i'd ever tell you...


I seriously wanna tell you...

I know the best is not to tell you..


I... Won't...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


you know..
a friend just told me this...
how simply put

'i wish it was that simple'

this got me thinking...
no worries.. not gonna sidetrack here..
i will be on the correct line throughout..
so bear with me eh...

i just realized, why i have not had a girlfriend or a close girl friend all this while..
yes.. i've said that I FEAR THE IDEA OF COMMITMENT..
i know...
but to rebuttle that point is that..
i cannot make that statement coz i have never been a committed relationship to any girl before..


i've just realized..
it was actually down to.. (as far as i can think of).. down to two things..



okay now why do i put this two things as the so called reason...

its very simple..

okay.. honestly.. i think i look for too much in a girl..
maybe i do... but you cannot blame me...
we want the best for ourselves...
so we tend to look for the best in things..
try to get the best deals out of lotsa stuff..
but only then do you.. or in this case I realize...
that if i'm looking for the best..
am I? the best? for the one i'm looking for?
don't she deserve better? who knows?
and then it comes back down to what i'm looking for..
usually i.. like any other guys would really love to get a girl with simple put.. the B&B.. beauty n brains.. not brawn.. that would be kinda gay.. =.="
but i put my hands up.. every girl out there is beautiful n brainy..
so that comes down to the picky bit..
if it is like so.. then why dont i just go for every girl there is..
and try my luck?
that would be simple rite?

coz that's where point two comes...

Fear of the Unknown

okay.. this one looks reasonable right?
i mean more in the sense that it is logical..
i guess most guys out there have the same problem..
what would happen if i get with her??
what does the future hold??

i know thinking of the future freaks most girls..
they usually want to know what a relationship means n hold for them..
but too early would still spook them out...

but still.. THE JOURNEY IS PART OF THE EXCITEMENT AND JOY.. i think that was how that was supposed to sound.. or something like that.. >.<
i know this two contradicting points..
but it both pissess me off..
you know..

when i like a girl..
i'd think really far forward..
i can see from first impression what i like and what i dont like..
and how it will end..
(i know.. give em a chance.. give yourself a chance)
but even so..
i know what things hold for me...
i know that i would eventually break their heart..
(i've never done it.. but i know i will..)
so i think to myself...
i should just let them be n be happy for me n the order of the world..
till i find the girl..
but i know its not that simple...

thats why i wish on those very words that it should be true..


but i know its not..
and i think many guys out there understand what i mean..

anyways.. cheerios guys n gals..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bear with me..

hey there bloggie..

its been long i think since my last post..
*let me check*
well i guess not that long.. since i'm not a hardcore blogger..actually i think i am if i were to have my laptop with me all the time that i feel the urge to write something and internet connection...

i guess that is what pen & paper are for then rite?
but the feeling of writing in the moment and rewriting or basically retyping what have been wrote and seen just don't give the small feeling..
okay i've strayed off my point... haha... (oh first haha of the day)...

alrite... well i've been wondering.. why the heck is..
(well before anything.. to readers.. heads up.. bit mushy stuff coming)

..............................................................................................thinking of how to continue.....................

well.. i guess.. hey i know i'm a guy..
but i'll admit it.. i hate this feeling lonely bit..
i'm gonna be heading back to campus in say ten days or so for practicals..
and i know the messy stuff with the college's admin and students going all gung-ho on each other will continue...
i guess that's why i'm feeling a bit down..
i need to find the strength for me to continue on..
i wished that you (whoever you are) is there.. coz i know its gonna be a bumpy ride.. and i doubt male company is gonna help me much...

but i know you wont be there..
coz... i think this is a part of me..
or maybe its just human nature... or a guys nature..
to like girls who are way different from me.. from a different style of life...
simple put : out of my league.

god. i feel like a loser right now..
it seriously sucks.. big time...
but whoever the girl i'm longing for..
i know i dont need you.. the you i've been saying all along..
coz i dont think that it will ever be u..

yeah.. i'll admit i like you..
but i know its a one way thing with no traffic light or bypass for it to be a two way thing.
and i've come to live with it.
as i usually do. haha.

but still seeing you again this week...
it just gives me that feeling all over again..

whatever it is...
i guess i'm wrapping up this entry for today..
i'll post again some other day..
maybe regarding this..
maybe not..

just the suckiest feeling that i get is when..
u tell a girl you like her..
and 9 times out of 10..
she'll be out of your life like you have never known em..

i guess it puts to perspective on who borders on that theory of just friends..
a theory that i'll share on a different day..
right on!!!

You'll Never Walk Alone!

Monday, May 9, 2011


hey there friends.. greetings from penang.
oh yep, i'm in Penang, but i'm already heading back to KL tomorrow..
well anyways.. oh again i forgot.. exams are over peeps!! enjoy ur hols..
okay back to business..

i was blogwalking few moments back...
and i saw this familiar painting from a movie,

yup this one above...
and it reminded me of my.. well one of my all-time favourite movies..
Notting Hill!!! which is a romantic comedy featuring julia roberts and hugh grant..

well fast synopsis eh..

'William "Will" Thacker (Hugh Grant) owns an independent bookshop in Notting Hill that specialises in travel writing. He has been coping with divorce after his wife left him for a man who looked exactly like Harrison Ford. He shares his house with an uninhibited Welsh eccentric named Spike (Rhys Ifans).

Thacker encounters Hollywood star actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) when she enters his shop to buy a book. Minutes later, the pair collide in the street, causing Will to spill his orange juice on both of them. He offers his house across the road for Anna to change. She accepts and, having changed, surprises Will with a kiss and starts their mutual attraction.'

haha.. ok2... that was a quote totally from wikipedia.. oh tqvm wikipedia!!! and this is just the short n sweet plot so u guys have to go get the movie lah...

alright this is the poster of the movie... haha.. i just have to put it in..

trust me it will tickle ur funny bone and also give u an interesting perspective on love...

especially a love from two different worlds...

ok now the mushy part that i am interested in... just need a shoutout from friends and visitors alike..

well... right now i am at a point in my life where i still have a crush which is really near to me.. in the sense she is near la... something like that.. ok so... let me just put it straightforward!!

if i consult any friends... the most common answer i get is that, if u like her, go tell her, especiall from girls, this would be their reaction..

my understanding is, if u tell a girl u like them, automatically the reaction is like u know, fight or flight reaction..

fight is where they will kinda accept and will slowly let us fight for this liking that we have for them and see if they will eventually have that feeling too..

flight is well.. like the name says.. the girls will be gone from ur life...

and from past experiences, most of the time, girls flight.

so i need an opinion here... should i just tell her and get over it or??

another bit is i dont get to see her that much.. so trying to find a chance to tell her is tough to come by..

and i know through the phone or any other thing is not good enough, face to face is the best...

aite2 i strayed off here already..

honest opinion guys!!

"Should I tell her??"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

that same old feeling the stomach...

that old feeling is coming again..
it's appearing...
any moment when i feel i get close to a girl..

i really feel like backing out..
so many questions..
so many worries....
coz i know what is gonna happen...

i am scared of commitment...
especially when it comes to girls...
i learned this from monsieur barney stinson...

but damn...
i am really scared...

neways exam season is in...
luck people...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

well... emo post... kinda?

i am feeling mushy today...
or more to lovey dovey... f*** off jiwang... hahaha....

but.. ok this is seriously gonna sound pathethic and sad..
but... i guess.. this is the position i find my life in again...
darn it.. exams are near.. but suddenly i get into this mood...
ohkay... so what the heck am i feeling...

i am feeling sad...
lonely maybe..
wee bit...

the long lasting and confusing question in a guys life.
no i am not desperate or anything...

i just reached a point that...
at this moment in life..
the girls that i was close with before..
are all gone..
seriously... sad weyyyy...
but i guess thats life..

close one chapter and open a new one..

it sounds simple rite..
doubt that it is...

lets see...
at the moment in life.. some moment in life ago...
i was close with 5 people..
i can say all of whom i can get to be more than friends with..
*important note* imma talking bout girls here... so dont salah paham!! hahaha..

but i think a year from that moment..
many things has happened..
i grew apart from two of them..
two are in a relationship *congrats neways*
and well the other one..
well she was always just a friend..

okay okay..
now what caused me to write this post all of a sudden..
its not depression, or sadness, or loneliness, or desperation..
its just that i miss those conversations i had with this people from the time back then...
i realized this as i stared at my phone..
no sms(es) or anything..
xcept for a call from 6th office... but that is a different story altogether..

yeah i know..
staring at your phone and hoping for something is sad..
bordering on pathethic..
but hey.. thats what i jusst did...

plus more friends are in a relationship nowadays..
seriously congrats to u peeps..
just got me wondering...
yeah i know..

i just watched 500 days of summer... awesome btw.
and im in love with ZOOEY DESCHANEL!!! hahaha..
but it got me thinking.. from that movie..
of true love..

or is love just a coincedence waiting to happen.
people say, dont just sit around and find ur love..
but seriously, in the foreseeable future..
i dont see that happening...
maybe im a wee bit picky..
okay.. too far off topic..
back to topic..

the reason is that..
i miss those 5 people of whom i was close with..
yes.i know. things happen.and change.but.
we just gotta move on eh.. haha...

the simple solution i can deduce of here is that...
close the old book.. lets find a new one..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

finals and all.. lol..

well.. its been a while...
hello again blog.. its been a fair share of time since i blogged.. but hey the bright side is i manged to get my life in order right before study week!! yay!! ^^
crazy reason to be happy, but it gives me a more distinct happy mood tonite..

well of crazy mushy posts and all.. tonite is not gonna be a mushy lovey dovey post..
though i must say this week has been an interesting one...
from performing at DTC..
that's Dewan Tunku Chancellor in UM...
its not what you guys think..
its just a performance for my Co-curiculum class which is introduction in modern theatre.
but still, i've gone up on that big stage for once in my time here... *happy relief and all in one...*

alrite.. so what am i gonna talk about tonite.. well actually this post got nothing to do with my finals..
nothing to do with the topic or title chosen up there..
*tiada kena mengena dengan topic yang masih bru atau sudah tiada.. hahaha lol*
just the title reminds me that exams are close.. or near.. or around the corner.. though i dont seem to see it yet.. hahahahah.. hopefully it doesnt run me over...
but i have a feeling that i have enough time this semester this one week is enough.. i should get by okay.,. we must focus and study hahaha...

see.. i keep getting distracted.. ok.. tonite's post is about.. the term luar biasa.. or extraordinary..
now now.. settled down.. lol.. like anyone's gonna get excited bout this.. haha..
but anyways why did i pick the title like so?
it goes back to last thursday.. the 14th of April 2011.. the day of acting and controversy.. eh.. no no.. no controversy hahaha...

well okay so this is what happened...
on that fateful morning..
about 9.25 am, was the turn of the theatre class to perform their bit..
so off we all went, got ready and waited...
and kept on waiting for our queue.. the music...
we waited...
and then we got the news from up top from technical..
there is no music!!!!
OMG!!! (lol im overreacting hahahahahahahhaah... must be the time of nite..)
luckily i was not the first to go out..
but being the 'professional' students that we were.. lol
we just proceeded and the show went on fine... haha..

so now what luar biasa got to do with this??
after the performance, our lecturer call all us out and told us..

'korg telah lakukan sesuatu yang luar biasa hari ni.. iaitu melakukan sebuah teater tanpan musik...'

which basically meant, you guys did an extraordinary thing today.. teater with no music..
(apparently if the music was there, the impact would have been more legen....dary!!!) haha
so here's my deal...
luar biasa...
what does it mean?
luar dari biasa... translate to english..
doesnt it mean.. out of the norm..
something different.. right??
so basically luar biasa is just something that is different to the norm.. or ordinary..

which brings us the english term.. which is extraordinary...
now now...
i know its been a long post..
but lets literally break extraordinary down..
wouldnt extra ordinary mean that you are just extra ordinary.. meaning you are ordinary but just a lil bit extra..
it doesnt mean you're special or good right?? hahahaha...

and then something hit me.. thanks to my nice friends for hitting me but..
it hit me..









edited: sorry for any gramamtical errors.. sleepy mode :ON....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

just decided...

i think i was doing well before i took the plunge..
and i feel like i was okay..
now i feel like crap..
so i decided.


swallowing it..

i just took the plunge..
and i swallowed my pride and ego..
but why did i do it??

i seriously dont know..
i dont even know if this is the right thing to do..
arghhhh.. darn it..
well HIMYM reference..
the eggs broken, so we might as well get a damn good omellette out of it...

Saturday, April 9, 2011


yeah yeah i know..
i should be doing my assignments...
finishing it off will preparing nervously for my finals...
but it really has been difficult this semester..

however, i feel the difficulty has been raised to a higher level since i have not talked to you..
usually i'll be fine with this..
i mean life moves on..
but i realized..
that you are not just someone i broke off a friendship with..
you were a good friend...
its been difficult to see you around..
especially on facebook...

i do..
i really do wanna talk to you.. but..
its been difficult..
there are things said between us that i feel i cant take back..
it'll be weird..
but that feeling that i should swallow my pride and ego and just talk to you..
what say you guys?

moment of weakness.. haizz...

Friday, April 8, 2011

i'll be back...

i will blog again...
i said i will..
but i gotta lotsa to do right now..
will blog again...
gotta some stuff to talk about also...

sometimes i feel i should make an emo lovey dovey bout the heart blog..
would be interesting hahaha...
i'll consider it..

but now i got to many assignments...
but i will blog again.. dont worry... ^^

Saturday, January 22, 2011

new lappy.. is one week old..

i ended up buying a Sony Vaio Laptop from the E Series.. coz the alienware i wanted was apparently only 11.6 inch wide... and thats really small.. same price.. bigger lappy.. no regrets.. ^^

NOT EMO!! or in love in any way...

i am staring at this blank post as begin to fill it up with this words that u are reading as well as seeing. just an early warning. I AM NOT IN ANY WAY EMO WITH THIS POST THAT YOU WILL BEGIN TO READ.

no i am not.
okay, as people begin to read this and once they reach the end, they'd wonder, what the heck is wrong with me, am i emo? in love? just lost love? well frankly i just love writing and typing, well here goes.


there was this one saying from a movie i saw sometime back

it said that well many people talk of love, but only a few have seen or found it.

this actually got me thinking bout the whole approach by guys when it comes to girls.

u have those who play it cool... play the waiting game and they'd find their match...

there are those who have to work really hard to find it, and when they do its more challenging to keep the relationship going..

so this two, well lets just keep it at this two categories eh, this two categories got me thinking, which guy am i..

i felt like i have once waited and at the same time have been the one looking..

and i still have not found anyone..

this got me to question my motives.. my intentions..

i know it is good intentions..

but am i that so much missing love in my life from another person??

or am i just like ive posted before, am just looking for that other shoulder to lean on..

im not implying im just looking for a girl to share my troubles, but for me to share hers as well..

thus it made me wonder..

this didnt feel like love or anything..

it was like a mutual business agreement kinda thing....

which brings it down to this...

i feel that i have not known that feeling like some of my friends have..

u know the im in love kinda feel...

and i know i dont..

thats y sometimes i just keep on looking for it too much...

but i feel like maybe im just looking for companionship...

a simple relationship based on being friends..

only then seeing where it leads to...

i've made bad choices in life, and only through this choices i learnt from my mistakes...

but maybe i should turn it down a notch and think about what love is...

a relationship based on friendship is not weird..

it is still a beautiful thing...

friends will build trust and this will build other things...

as i feel...


not everyone will get that love feel right before you know the person...

friendship is where it all starts right??

Monday, January 17, 2011


ok.. i guess after buying a new laptop and all, my post should be about my new lappy right??.. wrong.. its about why??
why what you ask me??
well let me tell you the story of the WHY.

well, the story is about this girl that i know from FB and university, now dont go about thinking i've not met her, i practically see this girl every day..
actually this post is kinda few days old.. but ive been busy.. like seriously.. an EXPO and a dinner coming up.. events-events.. well thats off topic..
back to the main agenda..

well ok.
this girl, i think of her as a friend, she's my junior, and all.. i nice fella to work with, get along with..
ok i think ive been getting along with her well... not like super well or anything, but she's the type of friend that u can kacau.. ajak borak (well in a way, chat is talking... even if its fb chat)
ok so all in all, i think we get along well..
ok, sometimes i flirt around.. but boys will be boys right?? hormones.. darn it.. haha..
but i dont mind if she layan ke x.. coz im just fooling around.. u know normal stuff..
so this one day.. she posted something on fb,so i commented lah... well i didnt know if she was in a bad mood or what, but i guess i commented in a way that might have annoyed her i think.. but i felt well that was about it.. u know, i felt all was well after i finished the commenting session with her..

but then.

well i'll be lying if i say if she's ever on9 on chat that i x tergerak hati to tegur...
sometimes i do, but most of the time i dont..
ok back to the story, so that night like every other before it, i just wanted to tegur her lah.. which i did, so like usual, i send a message, she reply vice versa, even if it was sometime in between of every conversation bubble.

so then she like dissappeared lah, so i pun go around fbying.. until i felt tired and bout ready to sleep.. i just said a simple thing. good night.
and what came after shocked the shell of the turtle off me..
she just told me that, she dont like to chat, and she said sorry if she didnt reply n just said good night.
it was kinda cold, or call me Mr. Sensitive, i was super shocked, coz i felt we usually always chatted in a very good manner.. usually it was mcm chat with friends biasalah.. and usually no such coldness in there... a friend said, maybe it was that time of the month, or maybe she was just in an emo mode, but i was still seriously surprised. coz it left me wondering, what did i do.. im paranoid n sensitive, i dont like hurting people's feelings, so i thought it was maybe how i commented on her post at FB.. it just left me wondering... why?? i was kinda going through a tough period of time of my own, and this just left me to wonder more and more..

well let me just say this at the end of it all..
if i ever did something to upset u or something.. i am really sorry... really truly sorry...
but if u need anyone to talk to about anything, i dont mind listening to, i kinda prefer it rather than to be somewhat told off... but im just gonna smile and take full responsibility, it is my fault then. all in all, if i ever did you wrong, i am so sorry...

now it just seems wrong to look her in the eye anymore.. see ya around England.

Friday, January 7, 2011

number game frenzy...

It seems fun!! Inbox me ANY number between 1 and 5000 and I'll make my status your number and what I think about you. Fun thing is, only you and me know what your number is. Post this as your status.

this thing.. it looks simple rite.. just a simple sentence and words... yet it became such a frenzy in fb..
are we looking for other approval.. or wat they think of us..
or its just a fun game to play...

i seriously think its just a fun game to play...
coz its what people think of us..
and in a way it helps us be a better person no??

im just gonna ramble off a little..
thats jsut bout it i guess...


Monday, January 3, 2011

the blog is update and looks new.. resolutions!!!

its 2011 people...
welcome to the new year..
i guess this post is kinda few days late..
but better late rather than never eh..
i guess this bout the fun part of it...

well its a new year.. and in about 7 hours time i'll be having my first class of this semester..
its gonna be one heck of sem i guess..
we all make new year resolutions.. but seriously..
how many of us are able to keep or stay to it..
i guess thats how things are aint it..
but i hope this year is the year where i am able to keep to my resolutions..
love life aside.. (none anyways.. well as i know of lah..)
games a...... i cant bear saying games aside.. we would always play games wont we..
play hard study less or at least same hardness..
but i guess thats about it..
tonites ramblings are not that long..
just bout resolutions..
and we'll see if we accomplish it..
the main one is to improve my frickin results... all the best to that..
well i guess to studying...

anyways happy new year people...