Monday, December 27, 2010

Ted Mosby + Barney Stinson = TJ Hakim

i just realized...
or i think have noticed for quite sometime...
that i have the attitudes or basically personalities of both ted and barney from CBS's How I Met Your Mother...

The Ted Mosby in me..
we both are i think commitment junkies..
both still searching for the one.. (i guess i'll find mine when ted finally meets the mother)..
we both are romantic.. hopeless romantics that is..
and seem to rush when liking a girl.. thats just who we both are... (refreshed from season 4 episode 21)
we both to those stupid kinda mistakes.. though i dont text to a girl, texty text... oh poor sweet ted...
i have somethin else to add but cant seem to remember..
i'll do another part later..

The Barney Stinson in me..
i feel like i am freaking close with many girls..
as if im playing them..
like barney!!!
but i dont mean to do so...
its like when barney have that crush on robin.. lol..
we both are scared of commitment.. scary2 thing... though it shouldnt be so...
the dark side of barney's thinking is in my head somewhere.. i mean who doesnt have that side..
i'll do a part 2.. but i guess thats about it..

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