Sunday, October 10, 2010

this thing that has been in my head...

now where shall i start... i really wonder... coz this is just some thing that has been in my head.. and its been there for a while now...

whenever i feel somewhat jiwang or bored at night... this issue would just come up.. and appear to me.. out of nowhere... its annoying really.. i just hope i can get over this problem soon or it will be troublesome..

so whats up with this issue??

its just well.. in a guys life... among the common problems we encounter would be GIRLS... rite?? haha.. well i guess for most guys la..

so this is just a problem i have right now... with a can i call her friend anymore??.. i wish i could.. but if i think of how we are hypocritical to one another now... it just begs to differ...
i just wished of the what ifs... what ifs in life really gives us a lot to thing about..

well back to the problem or issue..
i met her somewhat 3 months back.. and just the steps in knowing her was some what fun... she appear fun, warm and also blur..
and from that time on till i say last months i felt like we did grow close.. but over one incident i guess thats where all this things started to appear..
i mean no doubt i sorta had this u know.. i like u feelings.. but nothing more.. i wont even tell her dat.. and i know u didnt know..
but then that fateful day.. the batch event or course even where we went for a picnic at KLCC with everyone..
thats where u finally found out... i guess it was my fault also... i confided with my best bros that i sorta like u... but how'd the other coursemates... the girls find out i seriously didnt know..
and i know the drubbing or so call main2 that they kenakan u on that day was somewhat too much jgklah...
and i know it was such a drubbing... seriously guys next time if i like another girl im keeping it all to myself.. except to the bros.. just bros. and the rest please dont do this kinda drubbing again..
i mean what girl would like to know that another guy liked her from all the guys friends... that is just so not cool... i admit that would be my fault.. but how u treated me after that... i mean we were never even in a relationship and yet u treat me so..

and even after that i heard bad things about u.. about how u are a play-girl and all.. but i didnt care for at that point i was like.. well after the drubbing the friends i had did... all was lost..

next was i guess on how did she treat me...
i guess every time when we met after that.. u seriously acted like i was not in front of u and i guess i not only played along but also did the same... we saw thru each other... that was just sad lah...

but i guess we are both hypocrites la then.. i mean during the openhouse the other day... we could actually sit together and talk together like nothing ever happens.. and a week after that we just continue to act like we both dont exist to each other...

just i feel that its a lil bit extreme to act that way... even removing tags from FB.. lol.. why dont u just remove me from ur friend.. wont that be easier...

come on... we had nothing.. nothing... i never even said i like u and u act like we had a bad break-up.. WTH la..

well i guess thats as much rambling i can do for tonite..
its good to clear the head before bed... ^^

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