Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heartbreak.... NOT!

haha.. well.. alrite im not heart broken.. but i feel broken somewhere tonite.. i dont know if its a matter of the heart... but it kinda feels weird tonite..

just an up and down day today... many highs... but as many lows... huh.. well thats life i guess..
and tomorrow's gonna be one heck of a day.. (crap.. forgot of my italian presentation... yeah im taking Italy this sem for electives.. i wonder if there's TISL.. teaching italy as a second language... haha... dah2.. this is very menyimpang...)

that just shows how weird life is when it comes to mood.. not really much on heartbreak.. but so and so i guess.. hahaha... and how i can go from bit emo to downright happy again.. i dont know..

just gotta brace myself for tomorrow... hope for a better tomorrow la... hahaha... well the disappointment of today makes us stronger for tomoro...

alrite2... this was supposed to be an emo post... lol... i cant get emo when its all bout typing this kinda stuff.. but.. i just wanna share this quote i got from BONES (Tv series.. season 4)

"If you truly love someone, you have to prepare your heart for suffering, as the one you love can break your heart and yet you can also break the heart of the one you love, that'll change the way you look at yourself..."

I always wondered y i sometimes get cold feet when it comes to this kinda things... and with this quote i realized that i have a prob with either commitment or that fear of breaking another persons heart... i WILL not be able to look at myself the same if i do... that fear... i think it consumes me.. I used to think it was because i was too nice of a guy.. thus some girls are scared to break my heart?? hahaha.. that i dunno till i find a girl who does.. but i guess thats the fear of breaking another's heart that makes me scared to this kinda stuff..

well at least that paragraph above was somewhat emo..
neways.. i gotta get some shut eye... Cheerios.. Ciao...


  1. I was looking for Advise on breaking up and found this great site I gotta admit its great and it worked for me and helped me a lot.

  2. alrite... i'll go there when i do go thru a break-up... thnx anyways.. ^^

    was just kinda in a mood to talk bout this kinda stuff..